Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I thought I would do a quick post today amidst all my exam prep and studying to show to you, my lovely readers, my great finds at ice.com. The quality and packaging of their merchandise has never disappointed. Nor has their customer service. My sister has had experience in returning a necklace to them that she didn't enjoy, and it was done incredibly quickly and without paying any return shipping. My only qualm with ice.com is the shipping charges to Canada. I just think that $20 shipping to Canada when the item is delivered from Montreal is not necessary. Especially since shipping to the states is much less. Also, they do not ship their watches to Canada, which is a shame because there are some really pretty ones on the site I would have loved to get a hold of. But these are just minor details, and should not be overshadowed by their great jewelery and customer service. Here are some of the fabulous things my sister and I have picked out from ice.com so far!

turquoise necklace 2

turquoise necklace
Torquoise and silver necklace, no longer available :(

4 5/8 Carat Multi-Gemstone Sterling Silver Pendant with Chain


5 Carat Cognac Quartz and Diamond Trillion-Cut 14K Gold Ring 
I just noticed there is fur on the box from my cat rubbing against it!

bamboo ring
1/7 Carat Diamond 14K Yellow Gold over Sterling Silver Ring Set

And here is my lust list for the holidays. I would love to get my hands on some of these pieces.


gold key

heart earings

What are your jewelery lusts for the holidays ladies? And if you have any other great jewelery sites you would like to recommend to me, please let me know! Hope everyone has a lovely week.


  1. i have an elephant necklace that's really similar to that one, except it's in gold!

  2. I love the gold ring ;)
    The key pendant in your wish list should open up a vault filled with massive amounts of cash with which I can purchase these fine ornaments of self-decoration!

  3. Beautiful- love the 3 gold rings!

    I am not really looking for jewelry this xmas, but I would love a Tiffany Key!

  4. What gorgeous jewels! I love ice.com...


  5. Oh, I adore ice.com. I picked up a ring from there not too long ago, and it is pure love.

    I simply want loads and loads of cocktail rings for the holidays (despite that I already have way too much). There's something about a big bauble resting on your finger that is irresistible! :)

  6. WOW! They are super pretty. You must look very nice with them. And having a good customer service is part of the experience. I haven´t thought about my jewelry for Xmas yet. I don´t have many good pieces though...
    B* a la Moda

  7. i looooooove the ring set. fabulous!!!! i used to work at tiffany and co for the holidays and went in today to meet a friend who still works there and my god i fell in love! paloma picasso has some new stuff that's amazing. i really want this ring.



  8. I am in love with this jewellery!!

    i lovelovelove the blue stones and that pruple necklace - beautiful!

    Stay safe and chic
    English Rose x

  9. Stunning pieces... thanks for sharing! I'll definitely have to check them out. I love the rings you featured and the elephant pendant is adorable!

  10. all very snazzy. i am already thinking turquoise for spring. : )

  11. Nice jewels!...I love the lil elephant on your lust list...I am off to check out their shop...hopefully they will ship to india too!

  12. Wow! These are just awesome. I've been looking for a turquoise necklace for God knows how long. So loving the multicolored pendant and the rings. I've seen an elephant pendant here but it's in gold. You girls are so lucky to have purchased these. The 20$ fee is I think pretty steep especially if you're ordering in bulk.

    Have a lovely weekend!

    PS: I love your blog, in fact I've just added you to my blogroll. :)

  13. All of these are great, especially the elephant pendent, love it!

  14. Wow. all those pieces are absolutely breathtaking. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I can't even decide which of them is my favourite. I love the turquoise and I can totally imagine it on. But the key and elephant necklaces are also amazing. The details are so mesmerizing! I must check out ice.com sometime.

    I hope you do get them for christmas! then you can share with us all how they look! =)

    x J

  15. omg I love that turqois necklace wish it wasnt sold out :[ but the ring set is totally adorable :]

  16. Your pieces from Ice are gorgeous! I especially love that cognac quartz ring, it's so glamourous. I've bought from Ice before as well, and they really do have great service and a huge stock of jewellery!

  17. I really like your 14K Gold rings... thx for the post! :) Mon Mode Blog


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