Sunday, September 26, 2010

Week of Cool


So I think every week I'm going to share my favourite news stories or websites. This week:

1) Scientists believe that city dwellers are less prone to certain diseases - good news for Whitney Port and Olivia Palermo.

2) A protein to cure all illnesses and cancer? Not if pharmaceutical companies can burn down the lab first.

3) Spray-on clothing is becoming a reality. Mere mortals will hope they come out with spray on Spanx next.

4) Animal cruelty has reached new bounds - a rabbit fashion show

Friday, September 24, 2010

Uncertainties and Change

I haven't been blogging but I don't feel like a bad blogger anymore. As you can tell from my last post which was more than two months ago, I've been lacking on updating my posts and also from commenting on all the lovely blogs which I constantly check out. To be perfectly honest, I don't know what happened - it was as if my inspiration and my desire for blogging in the first place just left all of a sudden. But what got me thinking is that it was not the blogging that I did not like anymore, it was that I didn't feel that this blog was a true and accurate reflection of myself, or what I would like this blog to be like.

So I'm going to stop being lazy and start to fix that - albeit slowly. I've started a new job (first day next week!) and I'm incredibly nervous about that as its a step into the corporate and business world right out of undergrad. But I realize that devoting time to my blog and making it into something that I would like to visit myself is something that I would like to do. So if anyone still visits this old place, please bear with me as I try to put the pieces back together and add a new touch this site as well.