Sunday, September 26, 2010

Week of Cool


So I think every week I'm going to share my favourite news stories or websites. This week:

1) Scientists believe that city dwellers are less prone to certain diseases - good news for Whitney Port and Olivia Palermo.

2) A protein to cure all illnesses and cancer? Not if pharmaceutical companies can burn down the lab first.

3) Spray-on clothing is becoming a reality. Mere mortals will hope they come out with spray on Spanx next.

4) Animal cruelty has reached new bounds - a rabbit fashion show


  1. Nice collage! And thank for the news updates! :]

    Also, I loved reading your comments - as always!! You are just so heart-ful! And guess what... the night before your comment, I tottaaaallllyyyy thought about you just randomly. I think i was eating dinner or something and I just thought "I miss Insight's blog...I wonder what she's been up to." I'm not kidding, and then WABAM, the next day I got your comment! Cuh-ra-zee!

    Anyway, good to know you're alive and well! I've been drowning in college apps but I can't wait til the day comes when I finally get to go to college!
    erin :)


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