Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bad Hair Day


I think recently I’ve been going through a mid-almost-adult-life-crisis. I’m only a young 20-something, but I think its hit me bad. 

It all started off with my taking of a corporate job. To be honest and sincere a undergrad in political science has taught me to never trust corporations and the big and evil business industry. I think that is what drew me towards academics in the first place. As I graduated, I had big dream of putting my skills to use helping people. But then the student loan administrators started calling. And calling. I needed money and badly. In this economy, charities and non-profits are trying their best to stay afloat with the little helping hands that they already have. They wouldn’t hire another one. I had to the take the corporate job. So far, I can’t complain I suppose. It has given me something to do during the day and has given me an inside view of how corporations are actually run (by people, not that mythical creature known as “the man”). But that hasn’t lightened my view towards them. 

So what does this have to do with hair? Well, I think as I entered the working world, I became painfully aware of the pressure to look good. With a bad mix of self-consciousness and a business atmosphere, I began to notice how I just didn’t measure up. In my mind anyways. I never cared about hair and never bothered to learn how to take care of it (shampoo, conditioner for 2 min and bam!). So I began to notice that every single day I had a bad hair day. Frizzy, static-y, no style. It was, and is very unnerving. I’ve never been taught or taught myself how to properly blow-dry, or straighten, or curl my hair. So I thought that this was the time to spring into action. 

That is where comes in. I surfed the web religiously to find a good hair dryer, straightening iron and curling iron at a reasonable price. As something that I have wanted for more than a year, these were things that I was willing to spend the money on. So I ordered the Babyliss Pro Carerra, the GHD and a hot tools professional curling iron from folica. This was over a week ago. My order kept on saying “status: on hold”. I scratched my head...what on earth did this mean? I read their customer service page and it said “if your item says in progress we are just putting it together from the warehouse”. But my item didn’t say “in progress”, it said “on hold”. I waited a week ...and then a couple days before I got sick and tired and called the folica help line. The lady on the other end was incredibly nice, but her message was incredibly unnerving. She told me that international orders are kept on hold until the person  calls in to make sure that there is no credit card fraud. Umm, excuse me? I have been waiting for a week for you to ship my items to me, and you have been waiting for me to finally become impatient enough for me to call you? Why hadn’t this message been emailed to me? Why hadn’t I known? As a customer, I want to deal with as little customer service as possible and have a seamless transaction. I was pissed, but naturally didn’t take it out on the poor woman. After all, it’s not her fault that this company has decided to put policies in place that make no sense. It’s about communication folica; and in this respect, I did not like your service. 

However, I have yet to get my actual items. They were shipped yesterday, and I am eagerly awaiting their arrival. I hope I don’t have to pay at the door, or that will be another no-no in my experience with them. Prior to ordering, I had called customer service about this issue and was given a non-answer of “maybe”. So I suppose until I get my products, I am destined to have yet another bad hair day.


  1. Hey!! Long time no see :) I hear you about being distrustful of big corporations. I feel the same way...and I work for a major one! I am very low maintenance for work, perhaps to low maintenance. I really need to start considering how my appearance is affecting the way I'm perceived in the workplace. Even though I'm a great employee, maybe I'm not sending the right message with my appearance. Not that it's sloppy, but certainly can use a little more polishing. You and I will get the hand of it soon :)

  2. YAY! So 1. When I saw your comment on my blog, I did a mini double-take and was like "M...Marz?!" I haven't been so good at checking my dashboard, but I'm super stoked you are back in the loop! :)
    2. I feel you with bad hair days everyday. My hair is kind of super messy and boring and volume-less. I always used to do asian "Magic Straight" so all my frizzy-ness would go away. I dont know if you know about it, but it might be your saving grace! I would do it right now but I don't know a good Korean hair salonist around. If you're in Toronto though, I'm positive there are good Korean salons around. If you have q's about it, lemme know! I hate having to straighten my hair everyday, I feel like it gets more and more damaged. T_T
    3. I'm so glad you are back again. haha. Yay! I missed you :D
    4. Best of luck with your corporate job. I guess it'll be a..good experience? I'm sure the right job will come when the time is right as well. I think those kind of jobs give you good connections too tho?
    Anywho, glad to see ya around again! Talk soon! :)
    Oh! And sparkly tights are not itchy at all! I totally recommend them. :) They're lots of fun, but not tacky sparkly. And screenprinting is definitely great too! It wasnt hard with the workshop I attended, and its cool to be able to say "I made my own legit T-shirt" ;)

  3. I hope you're able to sort out your hair woes! I know the feeling but sometimes a good haircut solves everything :)


  4. you know, i understand how easy it is to find corporations evil... but i just don't. I can't shake that every corporation is just a group of people. even though they are a separate legal entity, it really would cease to function w/o the people behind it driving it.

    anyway - hope that folica does fab things to your hair!

  5. I think having a bad hair day almost everyday is a result of stress aside from the winter season. Just learn to relax a little and eat healthy.

    Are you back for good, Marz? ;)

  6. That sounds like awful customer service! Good luck in the corporate world. It's not always as bad as people make it out to be (and let's face it, everything is a corporation. Even NGO's have office politics). Also good luck with your hair. I just air dry mine and I'm off, but then again, I have very straight hair. If you tire of styling yours, perhaps you can just tie it in a ponytail or loose bun?

  7. You're so vain you probably think this blog is about you, about you, about... Oh... Wait a minute..... D'oh!!


    Your sister


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