Thursday, November 12, 2009

Holiday Dresses!

I love the holidays. I love walking down any suburban street or the city and see all the Christmas lights strung from the trees. I love how you have to wear hats and gloves and bundle up but everyone is still happy around you. Most of all, I love holiday clothes. And for holiday clothes, there is nothing better than holiday dresses. Some of the prettiest dresses come out this time of year. Honestly, I don’t go to too many parties, but one holiday dress a year is a must for me, even if it only gets worn once. Because of this, I have picked out some chic but not expensive dresses for a glimpse.
Btw, I am Canadian, so whatever I put up here, will be from retailers who ship to Canada or are directly within the Toronto area.
 holiday dresses
Ps, I adore brocade. Give me a nice gold brocade dress any day and it’ll instantly make me feel happier. Last holiday season, there was this gold brocade dress at Bedo, I call it the dress that got away, as it was stunning and only $125. *sigh* but alas, it was not in my size and I had to let it go. This AE version is a nice alternative, but nothing compared to last year’s drool-worthy option.
I won’t lie; you’d be hard pressed for me to purchase any of these things at full price, well maybe except the forever 21 dress. But still, I believe in winter clearance sales. And unless it’s something that I adore, I’m not paying full price for it!

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